Shuwei Shi

I am currently a 3rd year Master student from IIG group in Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University supervised by Prof. Yujiu Yang. I am also a research assistant in XPixel Group supervised by Prof. Chao Dong.

My current research interest includes image & video restoration, (omnidirectional) image quality assessment.

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Honor and Award

National Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2022

Winner of NTIRE Perceptual Image Quality Assessment Challenge: Track 1 Full-Reference and Track 2 No-Reference at CVPR, 2022

National Scholarship, 2018

Merit student in Heilongjiang Province, 2018

Rethinking Alignment in Video Super-Resolution Transformers.
Shuwei Shi*, Jinjin Gu*, Liangbin Xie, Xintao Wang, Yujiu Yang, Chao Dong.
NeurIPS 2022
paper / code

Attentions Help CNNs See Better: Attention-based Hybrid Image Quality Assessment Network.
Shanshan Lao*, Yuan Gong*, Shuwei Shi, Sidi Yang, Tianhe Wu, Jiahao Wang, Weihao Xia, Yujiu Yang.
CVPR Workshop 2022
paper / code

MANIQA: Multi-dimension Attention Network for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment.
Sidi Yang*, Tianhe Wu*, Shuwei Shi, Shanshan Lao, Yuan Gong, Mingdeng Cao, Jiahao Wang, Yujiu Yang.
CVPR Workshop 2022
paper / code

Jiahao Wang, Mingdeng Cao, Shuwei Shi, Baoyuan Wu, Yujiu Yang.
paper / code

Region-Adaptive Deformable Network for Image Quality Assessment.
Shuwei Shi*, Qingyan Bai*, Mingdeng Cao, Weihao Xia, Jiahao Wang, Yifan Chen, Yujiu Yang.
CVPR Workshop 2021
paper / code

Peer Reviewer

Conference: AAAI

Jounal: TCSVT